About Forrest Creative

From little things big things grow. Forrest Creative is a boutique design company providing affordable graphical solutions to clients great and small. Forrest Creative sprouted in 2014, when du Preez returned to study to complete a law degree, with a view to work in Human Rights. Still going strong, Forrest Creative works alongside start-ups and established companies to provide graphic solutions and support where its needed.

Jade du Preez

Owner / Designer

Owner and designer Jade du Preez has been working in Visual Arts and Graphic Design for over 13 years. To view her work in Visual Art visit here.


End-results are always a team effort. Thanks to great clients there have been some great results.

Solution Focused

Every project presents particular challenges. All good. We build on existing know how and tailor solutions to fit.


Flexible and Agile

A couple of useful super-powers in the fast-pace of promotion. Forrest Creative will always works hard to align with your promotions, events and launches.


Sometimes you’ve just gotta talk it out. No worries. When you need to chat about your concept before pressing go, just book in.